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12115 Knotty Pine Loop
San Antonio, Fl 33576
Ph: (561) 602 – 3330
Fx: (352) 458 – 4613

Email: premierfuneralsupply@msn.com


11624 Corporate Lake Blvd.
San Antonio, Fl 33576

Who We are:

We are like yourselves, we OWN FUNERAL HOMES AND CREMATORIES. We got tired of buying overpriced equipment or to save money  purchased imported products (which if lucky lasted seven months), that ended up costing us more money. One day we decided we could do better job ourselves, and we did.

Our Products are “MANUFACTURED IN THE USA” of the upmost quality combined with the best warranties in the business; we are The Manufacture, not a middle person and our prices are factory direct to you, whether you buy from us or one of our many distributors.

When you buy one of our Products, you will see and feel the quality and workmanship, totally understanding what we are stating.

All our products are an extraordinary value; we guaranty your satisfaction or your money back.

In fact we make this pledge to you; the same day you receive your purchase, if you open it and find our statements false, call us, we will give you a return number, repack it as you received it and we will take it back, and give you a refund on your purchase price.